Wimbledon will always set a scene so typically British and it revolves around grass courts.  Our Principal Consultant, Noel MacKenzie, played lawn tennis at an early age coming through the Greenshield development path.  Although it is now a long time since he played the presentation and management of grass tennis courts is personally close to Noel’s heart and an area he delights in advising on.  One of Noel’s most valued certificates is one signed by Eddie Seaward, Head Groundsman at Wimbledon AELTCC who was a keen supporter of groundsmanship training and education.  Noel has also supported the All England Lawn Tennis and Croquet Club’s seminar programme in the past.

Tennis, like cricket, demands a careful blend of managing both the needs of the turf alongside the need to manage the soil hardness to produce the required bounce and pace in surface needed to make a tennis match playable and sporting. This specialist area of horticulture and sports turf management is taken seriously and it would be fantastic to assist the presentation of more high quality grass courts.

Some of the Lawn Tennis Courts on Noel’s portfolio:

  • Oxford City Council
  • BA Concorde Club
  • Metropolitian Police Sports Clubs (Imber Court and Chigwell)
  • BA Concorde Club
  • Royal Borough of Windsor and Maidenhead – Home Park
  • Private Tennis Clients (domestic)
  • Epsom College
  • Lady Eleanor Holles School
  • Barclays Bank Sports Club
  • Eastborne Tennis Club
  • Magdalen College (Oxford)

If you would like to discuss your requirements please contact us or call Noel MacKenzie on 07739 505862.


Noel MacKenzie will assess your court and complex for turf and soil quality, resources and technical issues in order to support a club and their grounds maintenance team to achieve optimum results. Key areas of appraisal are:

  • Sward species composition, its condition and health.
  • Assessment of playing characteristics (smoothness, uniformity, consistency and pace).
  • Analysis of turf management issues, opportunities and areas to develop as well as strengths..
  • Investigation of soil condition and rootzone health including measurements of hardness.
  • Integrated Pest and Disease Management.
  • Resource appraisal and optimisation of renovation works, seed selection, techniques, etc.
  • Soil testing for nutrition and/or physical characteristics, infiltration rates, etc.

The inspection generally takes around 30-60 mins (for qualitative assessments, longer for quantitative assessments) and with further discussion communicating the issues facing the turf manager and club’s representatives the whole process takes about an hour or so. A report is written to confirm findings and record the advice given and this is written individually, is completely commercially independent and not copied off the internet.
One site visit per annum is normally sufficient and telephone and email support is provided for any follow up queries, although occasionally a club may request a further visit for particular difficulties.

With Sports Turf Consulting Ltd. you’ll invest in a professional independent Sports Turf Agronomist with a strong track record achieving improvement in sports turf surfaces. Your court is your most important asset and part of your product to member experience so surely worthy of the best inputs starting with a professional assessment and independent maintenance advice.

We will be pleased to field your enquiries and pleased to provide high quality information and support from an independent professional sports turf Agronomist with over 33 years of experience in the subject?

Sports Turf Assessment, Planning, Maintenance and Management